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"We Clean Your Drains... ...Not Your Pockets"

Experts In Sanitary Systems Maintenance

Commercial - Municipal - Residential

Serving the Entire New Jersey Metropolitan Area

Emergency Service Available 24/7

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973-669-2522 or 888-656-0100



For Emergency Sewer Maintenance or Sewer Main Repair

Call AquaFlow Sewer and Drain

973-669-2522 or 888-656-0100

Welcome to Aquaflow Sewer and Drain

We offer a wide range of sewer and drain services.  It doesn't matter if you have a bathroom sink that's stopped up or an entire building complex that's plugged solid. We have the tools and expertise to fix the problem.  We have camera inspections to help identify complex problems and preventative maintenance agreements to provide peace of mind for our clients.

We are Experts in Sanitary Systems Maintenance

♦ High pressure water jets available
♦ Catch basins and storm drains a specialty
♦ Preventative maintenance contracts available
♦ Corporate and government accounts welcome
♦ Senior citizen discounts available


Residential Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services We Offer:

♦ Sinks, Drains, and Faucets
♦ Storm Drains
♦ Drain Pipes
♦ Bathtubs and Showers
♦ Toilets
♦ Leader Drains to curb
♦ Sewer Lines
♦ Pipe Repair
♦ Hydro-Jet Services
♦ Video Inspection
♦ Maintenance Products
♦ Preventative Maintenance Inspection
♦ Tree Root Removal
♦ Light Plumbing

Commercial/Industrial Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services We Offer:

♦ Power Jet and Snake for Sanitary
♦ Power Jet and Snake for Storm
♦ Preventative Maintenance
♦ Video Inspection of lines

Serving the Following New Jersey Counties

♦ Essex County
♦ Morris County
♦ Union County
♦ Sussex County
♦ Bergen County
  • "After dealing with sewer and drain companies that were unable to fix the worse drain situation ever; Mr. Bob Jones of Aqua Flow was recommended to me. His Professionalism, expertise, patience, availability, honesty and attention to detail was second to none. My final outcome was excellent. My issue was resolved. I strongly recommend Mr. Jones. He is my go to and the best in the business."

    Lydia N, Newark, NJ

  • "As a customer of Aquaflow Sewer & Drain Service, once again the service provided was done in a timely, and professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Aquaflow Sewer & Drain Service, to my friends and family."

    George B, Montclair, NJ

  • "Hi Bob I had a toilet that was leaking and a shower that had a problem draining. I called Bob Jones and he assured that he would come as soon as he completed the job he was working on. He was not only true to his word but when he arrived with his employee they did an outstanding job of evaluating the problem, snaking the line and testing to ensure the problem was rectified. I had obtained a quote from Roto Rooter and Bob's price to my delight was substantially cheaper. I highly recommend using this experienced professional."

    Brenda R, East Orange, NJ

  • "I had to call a plumber two times within one week for a bad clog in our new home. Aqua Flow was incredible. They were here within an hour, were clearly experienced and knew exactly what to do. Bob is the man! Couldn't recommend them enough."

    Josh F, West Orange, NJ

  • "I highly recommend Aqua Flow. They aremy go-to whenever I need plumbing services. I've used them on multiple occasions, and have never been disappointed. And they stand by their work."

    Scott S, South Orange, NJ


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